About Cyprus

Cyprus is an island nation located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea.

Many visitors to Cyprus fall in love with its Cyprus Weather and its people,  and they choose to buy their own holiday homes in Protaras Cyprus and establish themselves in some way as part of the community rather than simply holidaying.

The population of Cyprus is approximately 750,000 and the island covers a total area of only 9251 square Kilometres or 3572 square miles.

All travelling distances in Cyprus are relatively close. Car and motor-bike hire is easily arranged. Maps are clearly marked with the different types of roads available.

Cyprus has a relatively low crime rate compared to other European countries. Homes are often left unlocked in the villages, whether they are in or out of their home. This means that generally you can feel very safe here and children are more easily able to play outside and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We have some of the best beaches in the mediterranean, this is one of the reasons that tourists enjoy themselves so much.  There are 48 beaches to choose from that have the Blue flag award.

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